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    Commercial NEW Loan Rates & Programs (up to 80% LTV)


  • 1. The property / business will be checked to ensure it meets the basic criteria

  • 2. A loan broker agreement will be prepared for the client to sign and pay processing fee. Processing fee includes the management of the application process. This would include things like coordination between lender, underwriting, & appraiser and reviewing & editting the LOI. The processing fee also includes a review and/or analysis of the business' financials to assess suitability to proceed to next step.

  • 3. Once the agreement and assessment is complete, underwriting will schedule a site visit,

  • 4. And if that is ok, we will provide a LOI (Letter of Intent).

  • 5. Next the appraisal will be ordered.

  • 6. If the appraisal comes back fine, underwriting will finalize due diligence.

  • 7. Once underwriting is done, the closing will be scheduled.

  • Commission Points:

  • 1. If you are not licensed in the property state (and licensing is required for commercial), you can only provide name and contact information of the prospect. The commission is 20% for non-licensed referrals.

  • 2. Licensed Referrals should provide the following: Loan amount needed, address of property, appraisal or BPO, type of business, P&L, Debt Schedule, and type of loan -- purchase or refinance. The commission is 50%.

  • 3. Processing Fees are 20% commission and start at $999.

  • So for example, if you find a borrower that needs a loan for $2M, and SFF charges 2 points, you will receive 50% of the points OR $20,000 (or $8,000 if you are not licensed in a state that requires it)!

    Commercial Loan Audit & Litigation Overview
    SFF, Inc. offers a loan restructuring service that enables commercial borrowers with income properties/businesses to reduce their loan payments and/or obtain new loans.

    How it Works:
    First, we audit the borrower’s loan documents and business operations. 

    We do this for two main reasons:

    1. To develop a way forward plan so we can demonstrate that the borrower can thrive under the new loan proposal

    2. To identify potential federal and/or state violations in the mortgage documents.
    We then provide a written report that summarizes our proposal scenarios and also any findings regarding lending irregularities.  Our law firm which operates in most states can then begin the negotiation process with the lender.  If the lender chooses not to look at our proposal from a business standpoint, we have the option to present the audit findings to get the lender to return to the negotiating table. 

    We also either simultaneously or sequentially begin evaluating alternative sources of financing via various commercial brokerage sources.  Our negotiations can result in restructured loans and/or NEW loans. Also, if required, our law firm can even sue the lender on the borrower’s behalf.

    Attorney Negotiation - State List

    Law Suit Litigation - State List

    What Does the Audit Include?

    A Commercial Loan Audit & Analysis involves a very comprehensive analysis of a business and its related property(ies) that are subject to the loan in question. The primary purpose of the audit/analysis is to obtain improved terms on an existing note. 

    The analysis may include:

    •    Commercial Lender Liability Review
    •    Securitization Analysis
    •    Cash Flow analysis
    •    Market Analysis
    •    Area Analysis
    •    Business Relevancy
    •    Competitive Environment
    •    Net Present Value Assessment, and other assessments.

    Additionally, the audit will include a summary identifying any irregularities and/or state/federal potentially unfair, fraudulent, or unlawful activities related to:

    •    the original loan transaction
    •    previous modifications
    •    servicing practices, and 
    •    collection practices

    The starting prices for most audits will be $3,500. Price is determined after the client submits their audit documents for review. The quote is free. Once payment and all documents are received, there is typically a minimum 2 – 3 week turn around time.

    Example Properties Covered
    - Shopping Malls
    - Rental Properties (must be more than 4 units)
    - Gymnasiums
    - Warehouses, and more

    - Income Generating Businesses/Properties (with rents OR other revenue)
    - The Property Must Also Have Mortgage Debt

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