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Solution Focused Financial LLC, can handle all aspects of your Accounting, Bookkeeping, Financial Reporting/Analysis, and Tax Preparation needs for small to mid-sized businesses. Every client gets personal attention directly from me, and my plans, services, and pricing are specifically catered to your needs and size from small sole proprietors or single member LLCs up to mid-sized LLCs or C/S-Corporations.

SFF can also consult and assist you with specific technology needs. For example, Accepting Online Payments, Automating Invoicing & Accounting, Internet Marketing, Website Development & Design, and more...

SFF is offering a free consultation on 5 important areas to help your business grow. They are:

1. How to quickly obtain new customers (most will be eligible for free leads)?
2. How to accept payments online for FREE?
3. How to improve your Internet results and/or How to Get Your Business Found Online?
4. How to secure a free business line of credit?, and
5. How to choose an accounting software?

SFF can provide consultation and/or handle all major aspects of your Financial and Sales & Marketing needs for small to mid-sized businesses.

SFF can also consult and assist you with specific technology needs.

Here is a list of some of the services SFF can offer your business:
  •   Business Consulting (Financial and Sales & Marketing)

  •   SBA/Business/Commercial Property Loans (Financial Statement Presentation & Forecasting)

  •   Lead Generation (Most Business Types)

  •   Business Plan Help

  •   Business Process Improvement

  •   Accepting Online Payments (FREE ACH Payments!)

  •   Automating Invoicing & Accounting

  •   Bookkeeping

  •   Income tax preparation/planning

  •   Payroll

  •   Internet Marketing & Website Development & Design (see example:

  •   Targeted Marketing

  •   Sales Strategy

  •   Email Marketing

  •   Website SEO

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